Tuesday, December 19, 2006

China's New Rules Reported in the Media

China Tightens Child Adoptions to Bar Singles, Obese, Over-50s
Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) -- China, the largest source of overseas children adopted in the U.S., plans to bar would-be parents who are obese, single or over 50, according to notices posted on the Web sites of three leading U.S. adoption agencies.

Under rules effective from May 1, applicants must be married for more than two years with at least a high school education. The measures also ban multiple divorcees, the blind and those taking depression medication from becoming parents, according to the postings.

The changes come as demand for Chinese children outstrips the number available for overseas adoption. While China's government wants to ensure they get the best possible homes, the new restrictions will exclude people who may make good parents, some child-placement professionals say.


China to tighten rules on adoptions
Single adults and many with disabilities who want to adopt a Chinese baby or child will no longer be able to under new rules China will enact next year.

Stricter financial requirements also will be part of the new regulations, which some American adoption agencies have learned about from Chinese officials in recent weeks.

The rules will also exclude people who are seriously overweight, wheelchair dependent or take anti-depressants...

About 12,000 Chinese orphans are expected to be adopted this year, two-thirds of them going to homes in the United States.


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