Friday, December 15, 2006

Half The Sky Foundation: A Testimony

Who Will Help the Children?
Our youngest daughter's "birth" into our family started with a phone call on June 28, 2005. The adoption agency's China program director parceled out tiny bits of information about this little person who would change our lives: "Your baby was born in October of 2004 in Jiangsu province, her name means 'beautiful and peaceful,' and she's lived in an orphanage." Then the director added, "Half the Sky has a program there; you're very lucky."

And so began our love affair with our daughter, Zoe, and the amazing organization that helped to transform her life.

Half the Sky had arrived to renovate the Gaoyou Social Welfare Institute, the orphanage where Zoe lived, in April of 2005, when Zoe was just seven months old. The renovation to the physical environment alone was stunning, the effort of a team of volunteers who turned a stark, derelict-looking building into something softer, kinder, and more stimulating. But the other part of the work -- the reason I get tears in my eyes whenever Half the Sky is mentioned -- is what Half the Sky did to bring warmth and nurturing into her life, and what it continues to do to transform the lives of countless other orphaned children across China.

Read the whole thing. Half The Sky is a great organization. Click the link on the sidebar to learn more about them.


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