Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Rules

As of yesterday, our dossier has been logged in at the CCAA for one month. Estimates are that we have 23 more months to wait for a referral. Hence, in the “Profile” box, I’ve changed the projected time we’ll be back in China from 2007 to 2008. Do you think we’ll get to see the Olympics? Maybe. Will we make it back before Ally starts kindergarten in September 2008? Who knows.

I’m sure most everyone has been hearing about the December 8 meeting in which the CCAA announced their new (and still unofficial) eligibility requirements for adoptive parents. We received an e-mail from our agency yesterday which contained a report from their representative in China. We have been asked not to share any information until the CCAA makes the new rules official, but I will say there is nothing in the report that I haven’t already heard, specifically those regulations regarding singles (no longer allowed to adopt), weight (BMI < 40), financial status (minimum $80,000 net worth) and health of the applicants (much more stringent, especially in regards to mental health issues). We were also told these new rules would not affect anyone logged in before May 1, 2007 and that they expect a flood of applications between now and then. Hey, you think?

Obviously, these new rules will disqualify many excellent parents from adopting a child from China. Or it may mean that those who were hoping to adopt a Chinese sibling for their child will not be able to do so. Unfortunately, that’s what restrictions do. They restrict, and it doesn’t always seem fair. I’m sure the CCAA looked at the number of dossiers they had (more than twice as many now than in 2003) combined with the declining number of “available” children for adoption and felt that they had to “do something”. Now we pretty much know what that “something” is and many would-be parents are going to be disappointed. I don’t know what to tell you. If China was your dream, then any other option seems inadequate. I would encourage you to explore other countries, if you want to stick with IA, or pursue a domestic adoption. You still have choices.

As for us, we’re mentally preparing ourselves for a two-year wait. Our intention was to add another child before Ally started school, but it doesn’t look like that will be the case. That’s all right. Things may change. Maybe it won’t be two years; maybe it will be an 18 month wait, in which case we’d miss the Olympics. At his point, it’s all in God’s hands and we don’t have any control over the situation. As I said before, the time with Ally has gone by so fast, maybe two years will fly by like nothing. Right now, we’re enjoying our time with her as we wait (patiently?) for her mei mei (or di di).


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