Monday, December 11, 2006

Massachusetts Mom on NPR's "This I Believe"

A mother's love
REHOBOTH - Jackie Lantry has four Chinese-born adopted children and she said it's possible to love them the same way parents love their biological children."

Absolutely. I'd take a bullet for every one of them," Lantry said.

Lantry, of 417 Tremont St., and her husband, Steve Szydlowski, own Five Acre Farms in Rehoboth. They grow and sell peonies, a specialty plant.

She said her friends, who have adopted and biological kids, say they love all their kids in the same way.

Unconditional love is what inspired Lantry to submit an essay to National Public Radio's revival of a 1950's program, called "This I Believe," in which celebrities, politicians and everyday people share their philosophies and ideas about life.


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