Sunday, December 03, 2006

Montana Adoption Story

Twin Bridges woman specializes in bringing overseas orphans to families here
Tang JiaQi was found in a doorway in her native China, less than a day old, abandoned by a birth mother who couldn't care for her.

Four years later, she's playing with her three siblings in Twin Bridges, where she has a new home and a new name, and is part of a family that wanted her badly. Now called Delilah, she was adopted by Van and Heather Puckett, who had three of their own children but wanted to add to their family in a different way.

But Heather Puckett said although they helped Delilah get a new life, the couple and their children - Dalton, Daphne and Kirkwood - are the ones who feel blessed.

"We weren't doing it to save a kid," the 33-year-old said in the family's home. "We were doing it to grow our family, and this is the way we wanted to do it.

"We didn't save her; she saved us," Heather added.


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