Friday, December 01, 2006

Celebrating "Gotcha" Day

Adoptive families celebrate the day they and kids 'got' each other

"We watch the video and talk about how special it is," says adoptive parent Cara Finger, noting the viewing comes at the end of the day's observance that includes dinner at Pei Wei and a trip to a Brentwood ice cream parlor.

She and husband Christian III have three children. Oldest child Caroline, 5½, is their biological offspring. Corinne, 4, is from China, and Christian IV, 16 months, has recently come home from Russia.

"We celebrate Corinne's Gotcha Day Aug. 17. That's the day she was placed in my arms. Right now there's this controversy on a Russian chat room I'm in. They say it shouldn't be called Gotcha Day, but call it 'Forever Family Day.' ''


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