Monday, November 27, 2006

Connecticut Family Adopts Fourth Child From China

Guilford family finds room for 1 more
The Urbans so loved Kristen, now 10, whom they brought home from a Chinese orphanage in 1997, that they adopted Juliana, now 8, from the same orphanage in 1999 to give Kristen a sister.

In 2002, Patti Urban went to China again, to the same orphanage, and brought home Mary Kate, now 6.

"That’s it," Patti Urban avowed at the time. She and Peter had three lovely daughters who were thriving and melding beautifully into a family.

But earlier this year, Patti suggested to her husband that there was room for another child in their family."

At first, he said, ‘No way,’ but after a while, Peter said we should go for it," Patti Urban said.

And that is how, on Sept. 26, Patti and Peter Urban and their three daughters, after a whirlwind trip to China together, brought home 22-month-old Kevin.

"Kevin was born with club feet," Patti Urban said, speculating that that was why he ended up in an orphanage. "Doctors in China already had operated and corrected it before he was put up for adoption. Other than that, he’s perfectly fine. In the short time he’s been home with us, he’s learned to walk."


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