Friday, November 24, 2006

Smile...Or Else

Smiling shouldn't be a chore
It seems certain the Beijing Olympic volunteers will have "smile" as their key motto, although a global search for their slogan has yet to reveal its final result.

When the Beijing Olympic organizers began soliciting slogans for the Games' volunteer programme, they had specifically asked for the winning entry to reflect the idea that "volunteers' smiles are the best name card of Beijing," which is the slogan of the ongoing campaign in the Chinese capital that is urging residents to turn Beijing into a "city of smiles."

As a result, the words "smile" and "smiling" have found their way into thousands of the contributions that the organizers have received, including "I am your smile" from an oilfield worker and "smile while working and work while smiling" from a blind masseur.

Some local university students, who will form the backbone of the volunteers in 2008, have actually been organized to take training in flashing a smile to visitors, such as learning to "smile three metres away." But the students said that it needed a lot of practice to be able to smile three metres away with ease and calm, according to local media reports.


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