Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Maryland Adoption Story

Couple fulfills adoption dream
With flyaway black hair and a radiant smile, 21/2-year-old Mary Sowers of New Windsor has won the hearts of her parents as much as any child born to them possibly could.

"Everywhere she goes, she just lights up the place," said her adoptive mother, Edi Sowers, beaming with pride. "She's so cute and smart that everyone wants to talk to us."

Meanwhile, Mary, who has spilled some water on the living room sofa, rushes to the kitchen for a towel."

She likes things clean," said her adoptive father, Doug Sowers.

After a process that took 22 months, longer than any pregnancy, the Sowers picked up Mary from "Half the Sky" orphanage in the Sichaun province of China on March 27. Ever since, Edi, 48, has been adjusting to life as a new mom and Mary to life in America. Mary is learning English and becoming used to being the center of her parents' lives.


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