Tuesday, November 21, 2006

GM: No Hummers For China

G.M. Plans Shift to Small Cars for the Emerging World
BEIJING, Nov. 19 — General Motors plans a shift toward building and selling more small cars after concluding that most of the growth will come in emerging markets where subcompacts and even smaller cars are most in demand, G.M. executives said this weekend at the Beijing auto show.

China’s vehicle market alone will surpass the United States market in a decade, while other Asian markets, notably India, are growing rapidly, mainly in very small, inexpensive cars, said Nick Reilly, the G.M. group vice president who is president of the company’s Asia Pacific operations.

G.M. has traditionally not been very strong at the bottom of the market, Mr. Reilly conceded, but added that, “We think we’ll have to change the strategy.”


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