Sunday, November 26, 2006

Michigan Adoption Story

Adoption Associates makes links, one family at a time
Baby Yi Xiang (ee-shang) was left at the gates of an orphanage in China when she was one day old.

A red note was left by the birth mother, listing her date of birth and a "good wishes" message.

Now 21 months old, little Grace Yi Xiang Gdowik can be found toddling through her Farmington home, happy-go-lucky and the apple of her adoptive parents' eye.

"Just to see her grow -- she's just thriving," said Beth Gdowik.

Beth and her husband, Joe, decided on international adoption for a number of reasons. They knew there is a need for adoptive parents in China and their hearts led them there, working with Adoption Associates Inc. in Farmington Hills.

"There are one-and-a-half million girls in China who need to be adopted. It's hard to overlook that," said Joe Gdowik.


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