Thursday, December 14, 2006

South Carolina Adoption Stories

Locals enjoy success with foreign adoption
Drs. Stephanie and Scott Brumfield are old hands at foreign adoption. Of their four children, two have been adopted from China and plans are under way to adopt another...

"Margaret is our oldest child," begins Stephanie Brumfield. "We adopted her from Jainxi [Jiangxi or Jiangsu, perhaps? - ed.], China, nearly eight years ago. Then, we had Grace six years ago - she is our biological child. After that, while I was pregnant with Jackson, now 3½, we adopted Olivia from Hunan, China. Olivia and Jackson were born three days apart."...

For Leita Deese, who lives in Socastee and works for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of South Carolina, foreign adoption was a great way to build her family...

After deciding to adopt, Deese carefully studied the adoption process in several countries before deciding on China.

"At the time I decided to adopt, China had a lot of children available. After looking at three possible agencies, I selected Chinese Children Adoption International in Inglewood, Colo., and they walked through the entire process with me.


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