Friday, December 15, 2006

Christian Protesters to be Tried in China

China Christians to stand trial
Eight Chinese Christians will stand trial on December 22, accused of inciting violent resistance to the law after they protested the government's destruction of a church, a Chinese dissident and a court official said on Friday.

The seven men and one woman from east China's Zhejiang province were arrested after about 3,000 Christians in Xiaoshan -- a prospering commercial suburb of the provincial capital Hangzhou -- protested against the demolition of a church in July, Zan Aizong, a Christian dissident close to the Xiaoshan group, told Reuters.

An official from the Xiaoshan court also confirmed the case.

"The Christians will face trial at our court soon," she said by telephone, but declined to comment further.

China's ruling Communist Party is atheist but tolerates religions that accept official supervision.


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