Thursday, November 13, 2008

Miss me?

You know what's embarassing? Forgetting your Blogger password. Boy, I thought I had it memorized.

No, seriously, I've lost the desire to maintain this blog even though I know there are a few of you who check in regularly (thank you for your e-mails).

As you can see from the banner, as of today we have been logged in for two years with the CCAA, and they are still nine months of referrals away before they get to ours. We really don't know what we're going to do, we may go special needs or we may stick it out. We'd appreciate your prayers.

Ally is doing fine. She loves kindergarten and pretty much aces every reading test put in front of her. We're very proud of her and we really hope we can get a sister or brother for her some day.

Anyway, I'm on Facebook now, so if you want to keep up with us, just get an account (everyone's doing it!), search for d e f r e s e (without the spaces) and you'll see my smiling face. Send me a friend request and I'll accept it.

I'll leave you with one picture of Ally. She had her class picture taken last month, and we think it turned out pretty well:

If anything changes on the adoption front, I'll be sure to update this blog. Otherwise, I hope to see you on Facebook.