Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving at the Preschool

Yesterday, Ally’s preschool held their annual Thanksgiving program, complete with songs and food. I took a half day off from work (which, for me, meant I got to leave at 10 AM) and met Lauren at the church sanctuary for the music portion. I got there about ten minutes early and positioned myself in the second row, right behind two sets of parents armed with video cameras. I still managed a clear shot of the stage between them, but I wasn’t as prepared as the guy who brought a tripod (really) and set it up at the end of our row.

Ally performed two songs with her class, which was a remarkable achievement. Usually, she gets inexplicably overcome by stage fright and she just stands there, not singing, not moving. This time she did fine, and I caught it all. Even the part at the end, when they started heading out and she yelled “That’s my Mom and Dad!”, and pointed in our direction. Golden.

We withdrew to her classroom, which became much smaller with eleven kids and most of their parents. We dined on Chick Fil A nuggets, meatballs, fruit (which Lauren brought) and pumpkin muffins, which the kids made. I assume that means they added ingredients to the batter and mixed it, but that their contribution to the project ended at the 350 degree oven. I hope. And of course, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a styrofoam turkey:


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