Wednesday, November 14, 2007

OT: Car-related Rant

My car’s windshield attracts rocks like Britney Spears attracts bad publicity.

Also, I’ve found that the newer the windshield, the greater the attraction.

Against all laws of probability, I’m about ready to put a second new windshield on my 2-½ year old Subaru Forester. The first had to be replaced when, having bought the car a few months before, it was struck by a rock (I guess it was a rock; could have been a bolt or a hunk of plutonium for all I know) while we were on vacation in Myrtle Beach. Of course I waited until the inspection was due six months later, and I’ll probably wait this time as well.

My current windshield got dinged within a month but the resulting crack was less than an inch in size, so no need to worry about the inspection. A second similar rock/glass interaction soon followed, but it was still inspection-worthy, so, again, I didn’t worry about it. Then a couple of weeks ago, I was driving home from work and BAM. It sounded like someone dropped one of the Moai on the hood. I thought it had missed the windshield, but a crack was clearly visible at the site of impact. And it was already more than an inch long. And growing. By next morning, the crack had spanned almost the entire length along the bottom of the windshield.


I really don’t know how to explain four crack-producing hits in two years. I don’t tailgate gravel-laden dump trucks in hopes that one of its payload/projectiles will get squeezed between a tire and the pavement like a watermelon seed and hurled in my general direction. I’m just driving around, minding my own business. Hopefully I’ve used my allotment of bad luck in this area.

Oh, and of course I have the windshield wiper deicers ($$$), which I use about as often as the heated side mirrors; i.e., never.

To those of you who own stock in companies that produce auto glass, you’re welcome.


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