Friday, November 09, 2007

Calendar Girl

Giving adoption a face
Eight-year-old Aimee Rothschild is featured on the cover of a calendar that will raise funds to help orphanages in Yiyang, China.

Aimee Rothschild was born in Yiyang in the Hunan province of China. She found her home in Salem.

No more than 3 feet tall, Aimee is as gentle as a breeze. But the 8-year-old has a major role in a global movement to aid children in her home country.

She will become the face to represent tens of thousands of orphaned children in Yiyang after a 2008 fundraising calendar is released with her picture on the cover. The calendar, internationally distributed, will be used to fund educational projects, nurses and activities in Yiyang orphanages.

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