Sunday, October 14, 2007

"He followed me home, can I keep him?"

We made our annual pilgrimage to Cox Farms yesterday, wherein many hay rides were taken, many animals were pet and many gourds observed. A perfect day to take in some Fall activities and secure some pumpkins for the front porch, soon to end up as orange mash in the middle of the street (darn kids). There were many slides featured this year, of varying heights and changes from potential to kinetic energy. We worked our way up to the taller ones.

And the pony rides! How can you not shell out the five spot for a couple of turns around the ring at a half mile an hour on a wild animal that may throw your precious, helmet-less little girl at any minute? No, really these were the most docile creatures on the planet, doubtless sedated with the equine equivalent of Valium for this gig. Of course it was Ally's first time on one, and not her last I suspect.


Anonymous Melissa Fay Greene said...

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Melissa Fay Greene

9:37 AM  

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