Sunday, September 30, 2007

Autumn Moon Festival Celebrated in Upstate NY

Chinese festival reinforces heritage
Roz Zatyko and her husband, Andrew, knew they wanted to adopt even after their first daughter, Katie, was born. They decided to open their home in Pittsford to Julia, who is from Hubei Province in China, four years ago.

"With the population problems that China has and the way that the second child is not valued, especially if it is a girl, we wanted to do something," said Zatyko.

The Zatyko family was on hand Saturday to help Julia continue to learn about her heritage as part of the Autumn Moon Festival. The festival, held at the YMCA Camp Arrowhead in Pittsford, takes place in mid- to late September every year and is similar to America's Thanksgiving Day tradition...

More than 200 people attended the event, sponsored by Families with Children from China, the international, volunteer organization that aids those interested or affected by adoption from China. The group's goal is to celebrate children's Chinese cultural heritage, share information and resources regarding the international adoption process and enhance local Chinese-American relationships.


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