Monday, September 24, 2007

Illinois Adoption Story

Families open their hearts and homes to international additions
A tiny baby girl, with coal black hair and dark eyes, was abandoned in the night in Youxi City, China, at the gate of the city's welfare institute, where she would surely be found - as she was - early the next morning by an institute worker.

The infant was taken to the police station, but later returned to the welfare institute. She was placed with a foster mother with whom she stayed for 8½ months, until she was adopted by Jeff and Amy Maninfior of Mattoon.

Today, a month and a half later, Lily Maninfior is happily learning about her new home with her parents and doting big brothers, Blake, 19, and Nick, 16.


Anonymous Debra Braselton said...

Awesome! Always glad to hear another happy adoption story as I am an adoptive mom and adoption attorney:

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