Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Mandy & Pandy" Author: Giving Back

Author Announces Program As A Way To Give Back The Love From His Own Adoption Experience
Mandy and Pandy Announces 10% From Sales Will Be Donated to Gifts of Love

Ann Arbor, MI/November 13, 2007 - Chris Lin, author of the critically acclaimed book, Mandy and Pandy Say, 'Ni Hao Ma?- announces that he will be donating 10% from website and direct sales of the book to the Gifts of Love as a way to support the Anqing, Anhui orphanage in China.

Lin, an adoptive parent whose daughter, Mandy, served as the inspiration for the Mandy and Pandy book series, felt a need to support the orphanage community in China.

Lin wrote Mandy and Pandy Say, 'Ni Hao Ma?- as a way to help parents and children learn Chinese and appreciate the unique Chinese culture.

The Gifts of Love through the Great Wall China Adoption works with the government of the People's Republic of China to find homes for Chinese orphans....

Additional information on Chris Lin and Mandy and Pandy Say, 'Ni Hao Ma?- may be obtained at


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