Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hong Kong Woman Abandons Newborn...

...and gets thrown in jail for it:

Hong Kong mother jailed for abandoning newborn on shop doorstep
Hong Kong - A 24-year-old Hong Kong mother was Wednesday beginning an eight month jail term for abandoning her newborn baby son on a grocery store doorstep six hours after giving birth. Yip Sze-wan put the infant in a box after delivering him in the bedroom of her parents' home and left him outside a nearby shop in the territory's Tuen Mun district, the South China Morning Post reported.

At a court case Tuesday, she admitted wilfully exposing a child and putting its life in danger and was branded "a liar and an irresponsible mother" by magistrate Kwok Wai-kin.

Kwok told unmarried Yip, who had given two previous babies up for adoption before abandoning her son, that she was "only a little better than mothers who strangle their babies."



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