Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Americans Living in China, Adopting in China

Expats open homes, hearts to Chinese babies
"After having two biological children, we felt if we wanted a larger family, we would expand through adoption since there were so many babies in the world who needed families," says American Robert Hulse who, with his wife Holly, adopted a third child in Shanghai.

Hulse and his wife moved here from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1999. He says the family "had settled into a routine of four but, once in China, the desire to expand came to us. We felt that with some experience, we could offer a Chinese child not only a loving family but also a family that would be able to share stories about their country of origin."

Five years later the family got their fifth member, a six-month-old son they named Jason, joining Chelsea, 12, and Austin, 10.


American Diane Vansant and her husband Kent decided that their first baby would be adopted, and found that the adoption process for Jenna Qing Vansant was complicated, but a positive experience.

Vansant, 46, feels being an expat is an advantage when adopting in China.

"If you just come for two weeks to pick up your baby, you do not have the experience to understand that child's culture," she says.

The Vansants, who arrived here three years ago, plan to stay in Shanghai until 2009 so their Chinese daughter will have a solid grounding and pictures of herself as an infant in her native country.


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