Sunday, August 19, 2007

Finacing Adoption Creatively

Customized bobbleheads a side-business with purpose
Who knew a joke would end up turning a profit?

In 2003, Becki Carraway was asked to make a bobblehead in the image of a co-worker, just as a prank.

"A co-worker knew I was kind of crafty and asked me to make one as a joke," she said.

Soon, she was asked to make another, and then another.

This year, she's made 60, and she's even had to turn people away for lack of time, she said. Each bobblehead takes 15-20 hours to make, depending on the number of props or details requested...

[S]he's putting the proceeds aside to finance the couple's attempts to adopt a child from China. The Carraways began the adoption process in February 2006 and sent the paperwork to China in September. It seems the wait time for the couple to be matched with a child continues to grow, Becki Carraway said.


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