Friday, August 10, 2007

Pineapple Juice is an Upgrade

I suppose I should explain the light posting of late. Our house, remarkably, went under contract last week. I say “remarkably” because there are about a million townhomes on the market in our zip code and only one or two go under contract in a given week. Last Thursday it was our turn, much to the dismay of the ten other homes listed for sale just in our immediate neighborhood. We were lucky enough to be That House That Someone Loves, which sentiment, strangely, was made no secret of by the buyers’ realtor. This after my wife and I were seriously considering taking it off the market, because August is supposed to be a slow month for real estate. Well, not only is August not going to be a slow month for us, but some lucky person is going to unload their detached single family, 4BR home, with a nice back yard, finished basement, two car garage in a great neighborhood teeming with kids, thank you very much.

So we got the offer, countered and ended up meeting in the middle, the way we knew it would end up. In the meantime, we’ve been visiting homes for sale that match the aforementioned criteria. And they are legion, this being a buyer’s market and all. Our buyers have generously given us 90 days to find our new home, but we hope to not take that long.

Yesterday was the home inspection, so once again we had to vacate the premises while someone you hope turns out to be Mr. Magoo scrutinizes your house like a proctologist. We know about the little things, and the obvious not-so-little things. I just worry about the unknown, as usual.

Anyway, we went out to eat at a place I’d never been to before. We ordered Ally a pineapple juice before reading the menu. She opted for the grilled cheese (natch) and I noted the kid’s meals came with a drink. When we got the check, I noticed her pineapple juice cost $2. I brought this to our waiter’s attention, and asked why we were charged for the pineapple juice.

“The drinks that come with the kid’s meals are the lower tier drinks, like milk and soda.”

Who knew there was a drink hierarchy? Have they checked the price of milk lately?

“So what you’re saying is pineapple juice is considered an upgrade?”

“Something like that.”

File that one under “lessons learned”.


Anonymous Robert H. Bolling said...

Congratulations on getting an offer, and happy hunting for the new place!

Which restaurant was it that had the drinks hierarchy?

10:12 AM  

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