Sunday, July 08, 2007

South Carolina Adoption Stories

Five little girls on a journey of love
Some of them are found in front of buildings.Others are found in train stations and even flower gardens, but always in very public places.

Each year millions of newborn Chinese babies (nearly always girls) are abandoned by their parents. The children are victims of the government’s “one child only” law, which was enacted to help curb the population explosion.

[Not sure if it's "millions"; that might be stretching it a bit. - ed.]

One particular little girl was found on the front steps of a government building. She was quickly scooped up and taken to an orphanage. Like so many others, her parents had abandoned her.

But she had not been completely forgotten. Though she couldn’t have known it, there was indeed someone out there who loved her.

Thousands of miles away in South Carolina, Robin Cobb had felt a tug on her heart and a calling from God to participate in international adoption.


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