Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Questions People Ask

Some things people say harken me back to Mad Magazine's "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions".

Parent to Parent: 'Is she yours?', other adoption silliness
You're eating dinner with your young daughter at a restaurant. The toddler time-frame is short, so you inhale a salad while she's happily occupied with angel hair pasta. Life seems grand as a new mom, when a man at a neighboring table interrupts: "Is she yours?"


It seems that since I've become a parent, unfamiliar people make a beeline toward me, particularly when I'm out alone with my daughter: "Where did you get her?" (um, Saks Fifth Avenue!); "Is she adopted?" (Why do you ask?); "Is she yours?" (No, she's a loaner) ; "Does she speak Chinese?" (She's busy with Sanskrit just now); "She's not biological, is she?" (Very observant, Sherlock) - - and my favorite: "Does she understand you?" (I communicate with her telepathically.)

I answer strangers' questions politely, despite my inner snarkiness, but often wonder if I should bother.


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