Thursday, June 28, 2007

Katha Greer Rennison: 1969 - 2007

Despite disease, CPS worker made the most of her life
Knowing she had a deadly disease, Katha Greer Rennison enjoyed life to the fullest, which meant spending time at home with her two young daughters and husband.

Years ago, a friend invited Katha Rennison to an adoption agency meeting. After the meeting, she was convinced that she and her husband would adopt a girl from China.

The couple adopted Hannah, now 7, in February 2001. Shortly thereafter, Katha Rennison told her husband that Hannah needed a little sister.

Richard Rennison said he told his wife they couldn't afford another foreign adoption. She insisted, saying "20 years from now the money won't mean anything. Twenty years from now, I won't be here but Hannah will be here and she needs a sister."

In December 2003, the couple adopted Zoe, now 4, from China, as well.

Rennison became ill in March, and doctors predicted she wouldn't leave the hospital. But she did. She died June 18 at her League City home with her family. She was 37.


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