Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday Funny

And there's still a line outside the ladies room:

China Public Restroom Has 1,000 Stalls
They're flush with pride in a southwestern Chinese city where a recently-opened porcelain palace features an Egyptian facade, soothing music and more than 1,000 toilets spread out over 32,290 square feet...

"We are spreading toilet culture. People can listen to gentle music and watch TV," said Lu Xiaoqing, an official with the Yangrenjie, or "Foreigners Street," tourist area where the bathroom is located. "After they use the bathroom they will be very, very happy." [As we always are.]

...For open-aired relief, there is a cluster of stalls without a roof. [Careful, you never know what might show up on Google Earth.]

Some urinals are uniquely shaped, including ones inside open crocodile mouths and several that are topped by the bust of a woman resembling the Virgin Mary...

There are also plans to build a supermarket nearby, which will sell toilet-related items, CCTV reported. [It's not a supermarket if it doesn't sell "toilet-related items".]


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