Thursday, May 03, 2007

"China has not abandoned you"

Adopting patience
Bringing a child home from abroad has never been easy, but the rewards are worth it for these families

Among the most precious possessions in Alice and Gregg Goldstone's Valley Village home are two little bags of dirt.

The two parcels, wrapped in red velvet, carry the soil of the provinces of China where their daughters, Hannah Mei, 9, and Tess Jinna, 5, were born, with a saying that translates to "China has not abandoned you."

In fact, China is seeking to keep more of its daughters within its borders and exercise greater caution in adoption after more than a decade of releasing thousands of them to foreign parents each year.

The change is a response to an anticipated shortage of girls caused by the country's one-child population control policy and its cultural favoritism toward sons and a spike in adoption applications.


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