Friday, April 27, 2007

Article on Russian, Chinese Adoptions

Not really news, just confirming what we already know:

Russia, China tighten restrictions on adoptions
Local families looking to adopt could find themselves with fewer options over the next few months.

With Russia placing a temporary freeze on accepting applications from American adoption agencies, some local agencies said that they wouldn’t be able to find matches between Russian children and Americans in the immediate future.

“This has lots of people concerned with how long the [application freeze] is going to last,” said Vicki Peterson, the executive director of external affairs at the Wide Horizons adoption agency in Waltham...

In addition to the temporary halt in accepting American adoption applications, Peterson said, people looking to adopt children from China could also face some new barriers after the country’s new adoption restrictions take effect in May. Peterson said that under the new rules, single parents will not be allowed to adopt Chinese children, and other prospective parents would also face stricter restrictions based on their health, their age and the length of their marriage.


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