Monday, April 23, 2007

The Wait

It's not just for China adoptions.

Wait grows for foreign adoptions
The process slows in three countries sending children to U.S. families

When Bill and Victoria Heestand of West Linn brought adopted daughter Kate home from China last September, the average wait for a Chinese child was 14 months.

Now 2-year-old Kate is in line for an adoptive sister. But the Heestands expect to wait at least 19 months from the time China accepts their paperwork to the day they learn the identity of their second daughter. That's double the interval of a year and a half ago.

Locally and nationally, prospective parents face longer waits as the three main sources of foreign adoptions -- China, Russia and Guatemala -- bog down. A flood of applications has swamped Chinese officials, who will impose bans May 1 on adoptions by singles or people deemed overweight. The slowdowns could temporarily reverse rapid growth in U.S. overseas adoptions, which exceed 20,000 a year.


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