Wednesday, April 25, 2007

California Adoption Story

An incredible story: A couple, one of whom uses a wheelchair, applied for an adoption from China and are rejected because of the disability. (This is before the new rules go into effect officially prohibiting people with disabilities from adopting.) They decide to try Guatemala and are approved to adopt a baby girl. But then their original rejection from China is rescinded, through a chain of events I'll let you read about. In the end, they wound up with two girls, close enough in age that they consider them "twins".

Read the whole thing.

Double happiness
Palo Alto family tries to adopt one child, gets two

It's not a situation most couples are prepared to face: an overseas adoption attempt that garners not one but two children from countries at opposite ends of the world.

Michelle Teofan and Karl Garcia of Palo Alto ended up with double the pleasure -- adopting two baby girls -- after their quest to complete their family netted a surprise ending. The arduous journey to that destination, however, included prejudice, a shadowy tale of how a child came to an orphanage, a nearly intractable bureaucracy, and an adoption in an armed, gated compound.


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