Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Prospective IA Parents Running Out of Options

Russia curtails American adoptions
Russia is effectively shutting its doors, beginning today, to most Americans who want to adopt Russian children. The action follows new obstacles to adoption from China and Guatemala.

Those three countries account for 70% of the orphans who have come to the United States in the past five years — about 10% of all U.S. adoptions.

Russia tightened its rules for accrediting adoption agencies last year and has yet to renew any licenses for the 50 or so American agencies that had been working there. The one-year licenses of the last two agencies operating there expire today.


Blogger Martha said...

Russia is not closing its doors. But USA sure did get a lot of attention for twisting the details on this. Agencies must provide one more piece of paperwork. Russia is a constant up and down in the adoption world and this is just another example of that. They process will smooth out around June and in another 10 months we'll be in the same place again due to the licensing procedures.
Martha Osborne Adoption Advocacy

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