Saturday, March 24, 2007

Texas Legislator Trivializes Adoption

Texas Legislator Would Pay Women Who Pick Adoption Over Abortion

While I give Sen. Patrick credit for trying to encourage women to carry their children to term, it is absolutely wrong to cut them a check if they give their child up for adoption. If the goal is to prevent abortion, why not pay them simply for giving birth? And would this money go to all women who put their child up for adoption or only those who were considering abortion? What about the biological fathers? Their parental rights have to be terminated for the child to placed for adoption. Do they get a piece of the action? Is the senator guaranteeing families for these children?

Salient quotes come from the pro-life side:

However, pro-life groups say they favor the concept as long as it doesn't appear to violate a state law prohibiting giving anything in exchange for acquiring a child for adoption.

"We just need to make sure there isn't even the perception of baby buying going on," Joe Pojman, the director of Texas Alliance for Life, said.
Um, yeah.

It's very telling that the closest analogues to this program are found in communist China and leftist Italy.

Can you say "fraught with peril"?


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