Monday, April 02, 2007

Study Supports Single Parents

A little too late in light of the impending May 1 deadline.

No harm in singles adopting Chinese babies: study
A single woman in the United States can raise a child adopted from China just as well as a married couple, a study showed on Saturday, countering claims by Beijing that single parenting is bad for Chinese children.

Dr. Tony Xing Tan, a psychologist at the University of South Florida, compared 144 Chinese girls aged 1-1/2 to 11 years old adopted by 126 single-mother families, with 509 Chinese girls adopted by 415 families with two parents.

"Overall, the present study found no evidence that the adjustment of the adoptees from single-parent families differed from their peers from dual-parent families," Tan said in his study, presented on Saturday in Boston.


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