Sunday, March 25, 2007

Arkansas Woman on a Mission to China

Springdale Woman Has China on Her Mind
Nancy Jenkins Raising Money for Easter Gift to Orphanages

Nancy Jenkins says she didn't find Jesus until she was 45. By that time, apparently, she had accrued a fair amount of work to do -- and no one could be more enthusiastic about doing it!

Right now, her priority is a trip to China, scheduled for Easter weekend. Jenkins hopes to deliver a significant amount of money to orphans there, earmarked to provide more caregivers in Holt International orphanages. It wasn't something she set out to do; rather, it was something she feels God led her to do."

In December, my husband and I were invited to a contemporary Christian concert," says Jenkins, whose husband, Travis, is chief medical officer at Ozark Guidance in Springdale. "It was during the intermission of that (NewSong) concert that my heart began to weep. A Holt International video was shown. The nonprofit organization based in Eugene, Ore., helps with international adoptions. It also is graciously allowed to run programs in China's overflowing orphanages."


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