Thursday, October 26, 2006

Shaohannah’s Hope: 1000 Grants

SCC's Adoption Foundation Announces Landmark 1000th Grant
The United Nations reports a staggering 143 million children identified as orphans. Answering the call on his own life and family to orphans and making known God’s instruction about caring for orphans, Steven Curtis Chapman has become a spokesperson for adoption. Now he continues to encourage others to step up and recognize the worldwide crisis in November for National Adoption Awareness month.

In response to the miracle they saw in their own family through adoption and with a desire to help eliminate the obstacle of finances for many families they knew, Chapman and his family established Shaohannah’s Hope Foundation in 2000. Then in 2002, as opportunities to financially assist families ready to adopt far outpaced the Chapmans’ personal abilities to fund, the foundation began accepting donations to raise further financial grants for willing families. Arriving at a milestone this month, Chapman and Shaohannah’s Hope are thrilled to announce the 1,000th grant awarded.


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