Sunday, October 22, 2006

Texas Adoption Stories

Beilue: Couples offer a home (reg. req'd)
Some call it The Golden Age. For the Schneiders and later the Stricklands, it was the Add-On Stage. There are many ways to respond to the empty nest, but seldom has it been to adopt three abandoned children from China.

But that's what they did. Without knowing each other at the time, the two families followed their heart, followed God's call, and some might joke, discarded common sense. In essence, they have rewound their own life, while giving a new life to six Chinese children.

The Schneiders have three sons: Brian, 33, Berin, 30, and John, 23. They also have three daughters: Lia, 8, Ming, 7, and Holly, 5, via China.

The Stricklands have two sons and a daughter: Michael, 24, Matthew, 22, and Missy, 19. And then along came two more daughters: Molly, 4, and Madelyn, 2. Mason, 6, should arrive in February.

There may be as many as 50 families in the Amarillo area with adopted children from China, but likely not any other than two who decided to restart a family as their biological children were leaving home.


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