Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Georgia Adoption Story

From China with love
It is 7:45 p.m., coordinated universal time, and Deanna and Michael Lamar are going to have a daughter in 15 minutes. They are in a hotel in Lanzhou, the capital city of China's Gansu province, and before they can unpack someone tells them that the babies will be in the meeting room at 8 p.m. They have traveled by plane, van and foot. They have come to take their daughter home.

Screams are a natural part of birth, a part that is no different for the Lamars. When they enter the room where they will meet their daughter, they hear the shrieks and cries of 12 Chinese toddlers. They see the families they've traveled with scramble to find the child they've waited months for.

Translators attempt to bridge the language gap between the families, pediatricians and orphanage officials as the two children old enough to walk scramble under tables. It was chaos.

"It wasn't ceremonial in any way," Deanna recalled later. "It could not have been more pandemonium."


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