Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Serious "Chutes and Ladders" Beat Down

I don’t want to brag or anything but when it comes to Chutes and Ladders, I totally rule. Maybe it’s the years of practice spinning that dial just right so that I land on all the tall ladders and none of the slides. Some say it’s luck but I think it’s mostly skill. When other kids were outside playing baseball and football, I was inside, working on applying just the right force to that spinner so it would do my bidding. If I need a “4”, I’m getting a “4”. I’m a Chutes and Ladders rock star.

I’ve been told you should let your child win every now and then to instill self esteem. Nonsense. In the real world, you get better by playing the best and in our house, that’s Daddy. Think of it as a lesson in the school of hard knocks, little girl. You’re learning from the master. Maybe now you’ll work on your game instead of playing princess dress up all the time.

My wife thought that my taunting victory dance after last night’s game was in bad taste. Whatever. She’s just a hater, envious of my mad skillz. Besides, how can you be humble after a thrashing like this:

If it took you six spins to get to square 100, you’d lord it over your opponents, too.

Bow to the king of Chutes and Ladders, suckas! Peace, out.


Blogger KimberlyP said...

Seriously LOL right now! Thanks for the great giggle!

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm going to direct my husband to THIS post of yours next time he thinks I am getting too competitive!

Meanwhile, keep on tromping that little girl of yours!!!! Even if it doesn't sharpen her game skills, it is bound to build character! I am with you...forget that ooey gooey feel good self-esteem nonsense!

(Besides, you are giving her great "older sister training"! She NEEDS to know how to take advantage of the adorable, innnocent, little one that will soon be added to your are teaching your child SURVIVAL skills here!)


6:19 PM  

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