Sunday, July 09, 2006

China Daily Article on Adoption

Adopted kids helped to discover cultural roots
It's a question every couple from a Western country who adopts a child in China has to face: when to tell the youngster about the place where they were born?

For inter-racial adoptions, the differences in physical appearances are obvious.

China passed a law on adoption in 1992, when 206 orphans found homes in the United States. Since then, US parents have adopted the highest number of children from China. Last year the figure was 7,906, a record, and 95 per cent of the adoptions were girls. That brought the total to about 50,000 in the past 13 years, according to US immigration statistics.

Read the whole thing, it's a fascinating article. Some links mentioned in the article follow:

Intercountry Adoption From China: Examining Cultural Heritage and Other Postadoption Issues

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