Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Arizona Adoption Stories

The changing face of Northwest families
The faces of a typical American family have changed.

What people used to consider the norm - a mom, a dad and two or three children with similar features - has become just one option for the makeup of a family.

American families, now more than ever, adopt children from all over the world...

[Denise and Brian Zelinsky] adopted their first Korean child May 1, 1997...

While the Zelinskys serve as a sort of poster family for international adoptions, in another part of town, Jennifer and Matt Bouton ready themselves for a new addition of their own...

Rather than waiting to spring the idea, the Boutons have always told their children that one day they will have a Chinese sister.

Ever since she was in junior high, Jennifer Bouton dreamed that one day she would adopt a Chinese baby in addition to her having own children...

Excited, to say the least, Jennifer Bouton can only imagine the day when she and her husband head to China for their new baby.


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