Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Iowa Adoption Story & Return Trip

Adoption wish takes Harlan "Mom" to China (They put the word "mom" in quotes, I didn't - ed)
Nine years ago, Denise began to think of adopting a child, saying that she "just always wanted to be a mom."...

After researching different agencies, she decided to adopt from China through the agency Holt International, as China was open to single people adopting girls and the timeline to actually adopt a child was relatively short.

As she became more involved in the process, however, the timeline increased. For six months, Matson gathered paperwork, then waited to receive her referral for ten months.

After a total of 18 months, she traveled across the Pacific with her mother, Effie Lingren, to bring her daughter, Jenna, to the United States.

Now, eight years later, the three decided to make the trip again, allowing Jenna to see the country in which she was born.


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