Monday, July 23, 2007

The Joncha-Klein Case: They're Court

Remember the Joncha-Klein case from last December? Walter Klein and Susan Joncha were shacking up boyfriend and girlfriend when Joncha adopted two girls from China. Since, at the time, China didn't allow unmarried couples, or single men, to adopt, Miss Joncha's name was on all the adoption papers and Mr. Klein was, in the eyes of the law, a stranger, even though they travelled to China together both times. You can review the story of their fight over Christmas visitation here and here.

When they split, he sued for visitation and she refused, thus setting in motion a protracted pissing contest legal battle.

Now a judge has given Walter Klein a small victory when she refused to throw out Klein's motion to see the girls.

Well, good. In the meantime, the poor kids, ages three and six, at the center of this tug-of-war are being exposed to this childish behavior by people who are supposed to exhibit maturity in their lives.

By the way, Joncha and Klein "dated" for thirteen years. I thought dating was a prelude to marriage, not the permanent status of a relationship.

And the wheels of "justice" grind on.


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