Monday, June 04, 2007

Open House Follies

We had our first, and hopefully only, open house yesterday. It rained, of course, but it was a good kind of rain. Just light enough to keep people away from the beach or the pool but not hard enough to deter any intrepid open house warriors.

It got off to an inauspicious start, though. We were in the process of going through the house one more time to make sure everything was as it should be, i.e., no cobwebs in the corners, no recently expectorated hairballs lying on the rug, etc. (Why is it you see only flaws when you do this, as if all the improvements you’ve made will be overshadowed?) Mind you, this is at 12:45 and our agent hasn’t shown up yet. The open house is supposed to start at 1:00. Then the doorbell rings.

It’s not our agent. It’s a couple wanting to see the house. They apologize for being early, but my wife and I aren’t sure what to do. We called our agent to tell her there’s someone here and could she please hurry up and get here.

Then we left. Someone was in our house unsupervised for about five minutes. Our agent met them as they were leaving and I don’t think she got any information out of them. Hard to tell is an early arrival is a good sign or not; in this case, I think not.

After lunch, we went to the first of two open houses we knew about that would interest us. After the second, we realized we still had about two hours to kill, so we went looking for more. We were on a roll. It was interesting to see how people prepared their homes to be looked over by strangers who might want to buy it. I think ours stood up pretty well, it looks terrific. Even the garage is clean.

At the fifth open house, Ally announced to us that she had to go potty. What to do? At the time, we were in the finished basement of someone’s house while the selling agent was upstairs. I noticed a bathroom.

“Go in there”, I said.

Well, what was I supposed to do, let her soil herself? I rationalized that I wouldn’t mind if someone used my bathroom so why should someone else not be as nonchalant? The thing is, she had to go, uh, number two and there was no toilet paper. She used a Kleenex instead. I wonder if the agent noticed the toilet flushing.

So anyway, we get back home and found out we had four visitors, or groups of visitors. A couple of them sounded pretty interested. We’ll see.


Anonymous Mark Mace said...

hey Ray; Lauren,

Bathrooms are made for flushing!

9:18 PM  

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