Saturday, June 02, 2007

An Uncle's Perspective

Every precious Lily has a chance to bloom in God's family
By way of contrast, my niece Kim and her husband Chris have had another type of journey. For several years they have walked a long, arduous path to adopt a child.

Two years ago, they submitted a dossier to China for adoption.

Ten weeks ago, they got "the call." They were thrilled to hear that they were "the proud new parents" of a little girl, born last August and living in a Chinese Christian orphanage. They named her Lily Ming Min Haughee.

I didn't know that any orphanages in China were specifically Christian, the communist Chinese government being what it is.


Blogger Tim said...

From what I understand, one of the major outreach activities of the illegal house church movement is the operation of orphanages.

Granted, these orphanages probably don't get to participate in the international adoption process, but I'll bet they save a lot of lives nonetheless.

4:38 PM  

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