Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Personal Odds and Ends

Our house is on the market. We told our realtor we wanted to list our house on Tuesday (today) but she put it in the MLS on Friday, along with the pictures she took and a glowing description of the place. It’s hard to make a townhouse stand out among the thousands of others in the area, but we’ve put our best face on it and will try to sell it this summer. If it doesn’t happen, well, then it doesn’t happen. We still have a pretty nice place and will probably try again next year. We don’t want to keep it listed past the summer because it’s simply too much work to keep it looking pristine for any potential buyers that call on a moment’s notice. And pristine it must be, because the days of putting a sign up in front of your house and getting three offers before it stops swinging are over. You really have to put some effort and market your house as best you can because there are definitely more sellers than buyers out there.

We actually had one potential buyer look at it already. Lauren checked our phone messages after church on Sunday (about 11:45) and a realtor had called saying she wanted her clients to see the place between 3:30 and 5:00. Trouble is, we intended to spend the afternoon shampooing the carpet upstairs. Cue the rapid response team. I dropped Lauren and Ally off while I went to Home Depot to rent a Rug Doctor. It’s unbelievable how much dirt they suck out of your fibers. Disgusting, really. Anyway, we got the house looking halfway tidy and went to a couple of open houses while we were out. Quite a productive afternoon.

Ally’s last day of pre-school is today. Not really pre-school, she starts that in September for three days a week. This was more of a “Mom’s morning out” that met in the teacher’s home one day a week from 9 until noon. She’s done this for the past two school years now, starting when she was two and a half. The first year was pretty much a play time, but this year they did more crafts and a letter of the alphabet each week. I’m still going through Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons with Ally, and we’re almost half way through it. But we usually skip the writing part, since she’s been practicing this with “Miss Libby” every week. Besides, with my poor penmanship, I’m probably the last person who should be teaching somebody how to write.

Anyway, it’s kind of sad because it’s something she looked forward to every week. When I put her to bed, she normally asks me what day it is tomorrow.

“Tuesday”, I’d say.

“Oh, Miss Libby!”, she’d reply.

When we adopt again, we hope “Miss Libby” is still teaching her class.

Speaking of adopting again, it appears that the CCAA is going to get through the middle of November for the next round of referrals. We’re LID November 13, unfortunately in 2006, not 2005. That means we’re about a year’s worth of dossiers away from getting our referral. It’s hard to say when we’ll go back to China. Predicting what the CCAA is going to do is harder than figuring out which way the stock market will go, though that doesn’t stop some people from trying. Anyway, it’s looking like it will be at least two years from our LID before we are referred another child. That seems like a long time, and it is, but we’re still willing to wait. Ally has two pretend brothers and a sister, but it would sure be nice for her to have a real sibling. We don’t really talk to her about it, we want to wait until the time is closer and we’re sure it’s going to happen. Plus, we don’t want her asking us every day if her new sister or brother is here yet. Right now, we’re enjoying devoting all our attention on her, but it will be even better when our family is complete.


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