Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day 2007

We were blessed with terrific weather today, which made me look like a genius because I planned an outdoor brunch at Hillsborough Vineyards in Purcelleville, Virginia. Hillsborough is one of the few wineries in Loudoun County we've never visited, which is our loss because it's beautiful there. It's not too far off the main road but the view from the patio is very nice. For the price they were charging, I would have expected wine with the meal, but the food and the scenery made up for that.

We came from church, so we were about an hour late for what I found out was a noon seating. No worries. They seated us right in front of a pretty good blues/R&B band that provided good entertainment. Ally quickly made friends with some of the other kids (as usual) so she had a couple of bites then was off to play. It was a challenge getting her back to the table.

Afterward, we took a stoll around the vineyard and enjoyed the pleasant weather while at the same time hoping Ally wouldn't fall into the koi pond. They do have a similar arrangement for Father's Day, so maybe we'll be back next month.


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