Wednesday, May 09, 2007

International Adoption in Loudoun County

Another local story, this time dealing with the number of families in our area who have adopted internationally and the on-line community that was formed out of that, of which we are a part.

International adoption
After their youngest child started college, Wes Hagood asked his wife, Denise, what she wanted their next life's adventure to be. He did not expect her to say, "adopt a little girl from China."

"I think my husband thought I was going to say, 'Go to Nova Scotia,'" said Denise Hagood, of Ashburn...

From that moment on Hagood always said, "If I ever go to China, I will adopt a little girl." She now has two Chinese daughters, Mia, 5, and Mei, 3.

Like many other families in Loudoun who have chosen international adoption, the Hagoods say they are happy with their decision. "It is a dream come true," Hagood said.


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